IAPCrazy For iPhone – Best App To Do In-App Purchases For Free

In the app store, you will get different games and apps, that are very useful and fun to use.  These apps are available for different devices such as iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad Air. In these apps, you will find various in-app purchases. Most of the in-app purchases that you will get in these apps and games are premium and you have to pay for it. So if you don’t want to pay for these in-app purchases then you can use an app named as Iapcrazy to skip the payment gateway of the purchases.

Iapcrazy is a very promising app when it comes to jailbreak the payment gateway for in-app purchases. With it, you can use most of the apps found on your app store and use these without worrying about in-app purchases. But some of the apps don’t allow Iapcrazy to do the in-app purchase for it such as candy crush, Clash of clans, etc. are not available free of cost. So below I am going to show you how to get Iapcrazy for your device.

IAPCrazy – What is it?

IAPCrazy is the best and popular in-app purchase app available for IOS platform right now. It is used by many people all around the globe and the number of downloads of this app is increasing day by day.  You can use this app only by applying one condition that is jailbreak IOS devices. Only devices that are jailbroken and have Cydia installed in the device can use this application. This app works perfectly in any device having the latest IOS 10 OS installed in it. Below are some more facts that will provide you with more information about this app.

IAPCrazy – How to Install?

The most important requirement of this app is a jailbroken phone. The following are the steps to install this app on your IOS device.

  • First, ou have to a launch the Cydia on your device.
  • Then add the given link to your source list.
  • After adding this make sure that the IAPCrazy is compatible with IOS 10.
  • Make sure that Appsync unified.
  • Most important step to install Cydia in your device.
  • Then process IAPCrazy in your device as the in-app purchase.
  • Download the IAPCrazy app.
  • Then install it on your device.

IAPCrazy – How to download it?

To use this app you have to download Cydia first on your IOS device then you have to go for the download of this app. And this app is not available on the app store of your IOS device. So the following are the download process of this app.

  • First, download the Cydia on your device.
  • Then Google IAPCrazy app.
  • Visit any of the trusted Websites.
  • Look for the download link and icon on the website.
  • Then click on the link on the link to download the app.
  • Then install it on your IOS device.
  • Now it is ready to make the in-app purchases for you.

IAPCrazy – Android Download:

Originally this app was made for IOS but later due to its demand in the market for doing the In-app purchases for free, this app was developed. You will not get this app on your play store but you have to download the Apk format of this app. So below are the steps that will guide to download this app.

  • First, you have to go to the default search engine.
  • Search with IAPCrazy apk on your device.
  • Then look for the download link by visiting any trusted website.
  • Click/tap on the link to download the apk file.
  • After it gets downloaded, install on your device.
  • Now you can do the In-app purchases on your Android device with this app.

IAPCrazy Alternatives:

If you are not friendly to use IAPCrazy app then here are some of the similar apps to IAPCrazy that you can use. So the following are the Alternatives to IAPCrazy app.


If you love to play games on your Smartphone and can’t access the full features of the game due to the In-app purchases than Creehack can help you. All it does it just surpass the payment gateway and helps you to do the in-app purchases free of cost. So it is a similar app to IAPCrazy that you can use on your Smartphone. One of the drawbacks of this app is that it only work to do the in-app purchase of games not for apps.


This is one of the best replacements because just like IAPCrazy it allows you to do the in-app purchases free of cost. You will not get to use it for all the apps. And for using it you have to root the device where you are going to install it. It will create a fake Google Wallet to do the in-app purchase free for you and there you will pay fake money to do the purchases.


This app is one of the best alternatives to IAPCrazy app. It will allow you to do all the in app purchases for almost all the app available on the IOS platform. To use it you have to jailbreak the IOS device. You can enjoy all the premium versions of different apps by downloading and installing IAPFree app.

IAPCrazy is an amazing app and with it, you can do the entire in-app purchases free of cost of different applications on your IOS devices. But it may not work with some of the games and apps found on your device. So now with the above written you can download and use this app on your IOS device.