SuperSu For Android – Best App To Manage SU Permissions

Once you purchase a smartphone, there will come a time when you will need to root it. It might be due to any software failure. Or it might be due to any internal error, however once in your lifetime, either you or any company executive will root the device.

Now, it isn’t the rooting of the device which we are talking about. Instead today we are talking about the after the cause of rooting. Once you have successfully rooted your device, there are numerous applications which ask for certain root permission or access.

Now, in the market, we already have an application such as Superuser which comes in handy and allows you to make choices of which app to grant permission and which to deny. However, this process is to be repeated each time application runs, and it can be quite hectic to grant this permission and keep tabs on the same.

Therefore in order to increase the user convenience, as well as to take care of their comfort, the developers of Superuser came up with an upgrade called the ‘Super Superuser’ or simply ‘SuperSU’.

So, what exactly is this application? And how is it better? Or is it better? Let’s find out.

Minimum System Requirements

This application has been developed keeping in mind both the new as well as old technology, and therefore SuperSU is supported in every device running on Android 2.2 or above.

This application hence covers a large segment of people and therefore leaves no one at a disadvantage.

How to Install

  1. Open on your smartphone, or browser.
  2. Search SuperSU in the search panel and press okay.
  3. You will see the application in the search results from where you can press on install, and it would automatically be installed on your smartphone.
  4. Alternatively, you can download the application by directly visiting this link

How to Use

  1. Once the application has successfully been installed on your device, open the application.
  2. Before finally running this application make sure that the device is rooted, as any of the functionality of this app would work thereafter.
  3. Once this application detects the rooted device, it will show in front of you the list of applications installed as well as ask you to what to do with them.
  4. Here you can manage the setting of the applications and can grant permissions for a single time, and these would be followed for the entire time the application is used.
  5. You can always change these settings and make sure you have granted right permissions which don’t leave your device vulnerable.


The application comes in with a bright green coloured interface which looks pleasant as well as does have an appeal to it.

As you enter you are guided through each, and every step of using the application and the navigation through the app is easy and decipherable.

Fonts are unique, a touch of freshness is induced, and there are instructions to help with rooting your device.

So in terms of appearance, we would give 8 out of 10 to this application.

Functionality and User Friendliness

This application comes with two options; one is the new user while the second one being the expert. So in case you an expert and are comfortable with the commands and permission related to rooting, then you simply will be presented with the main access management screen.

However in case you are new to the concept of rooting, then you will be explained the functionalities, along with the concepts related to system permissions. Moreover, whenever you will install any root app (i.e. lucky patcher 2017, then you need to provide su permissions to it). For that purpose, SuperSu will be saviour for you.

The working of this application is very simple, it shows you the list of applications installed and asks you to decide on the permission to be granted.

Each time a new application is installed, it will ask you to allow the root privileges to the same and your choice will be recorded for all further use and references.

This is an advanced version of SuperUser hence you don’t have to give permissions to this a single application again and again.

Saviour For Your Device

It isn’t only the booted device that this application works for. It can help any Android device to attain a temporary un-root state. This option comes in handy if your device is stuck in boot loop and Android cannot be booted smoothly

The paid version of this device comes with a personal PIN feature, which secures any changes you make in app permissions so that they cannot be changed by anyone until you decide so.

Value For Money

This application sure does help with advanced access management of your device. You needn’t allow or grant permission again and again and hence can smoothly use your device as if it was un-rooted.

Being a free application it also comes as a tool to recover your phone if stuck in boot loop, and hence you can think of getting two tools without the price of even one.

The paid version however we feel is not required, and it is merely a tactic of the company to make some money.

To sum up, we give 7 out 10 stars to this application in terms of value for money.

Our Verdict

After understanding and getting hold of all the features which this application does offer, it surely is a great substitute to its predecessor Super User. It does come up with advanced access management features which do offer user flexibility as well as relief from granting permissions again and again.

The interface of this device is also appreciable, and it can clearly be seen that the user has aimed to make this user-friendly.

The size of the application is also considerably small and hence this won’t put too much of pressure on C.P.U and therefore allowing the smartphone to run smoothly even when this application is running in the background.

The only thing which can be improved is including the PIN feature in the free version as we don’t think anyone would agree to pay 3 dollars for a simple protection.

Apart from this in our books, this application earns 8 out of 10 stars.